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Production Details
EATfest: Spring 2007
EATfest: Spring 2007

production details

Production Date
March 13th - April 1st, 2007
Theater 5

Production Information
Series A - Tue & Fri at 7 pm, Sun at 2 pm

Postcards from a Dead Dog by F.J. Hartland, directed by Troy Miller

With Jason Hare and Jacqueline Sydney*

The Questioning by Frank Higgins, directed by Lorrel Manning

With Alexandra Devin*, Suzan Mikiel-Kennedy, Danielle Quisenberry*

ClapTrapp by Joseph Godfrey, directed by Melissa Attebery

With Amy Bizjak, Laura Dillman*, Steve Hauck*, Hershey Miller*, Courter Simmons*, Christopher Voeller*

Series B - Wed & Sat at 7pm, Sun at 5pm

Vamp by Ry Herman, directed by Kel Haney

With Tracee Chimo*, Blanche Cholet*, Philip Guerette, Stacy Mayer*

Tell by Rodney Lee Rogers, directed by Ian Streicher

With Laura Fois* and Ryan Hilliard*

Third Wheel by Monica Flory, directed by Ned Thorne

With Erik Baker*, Aimee Howard*, and Claire Tyers

Series C - Thu and Sun at 7pm, Sat at 5pm

My Name is Art by Peter Snoad, directed by Kelly Haydon

With Andrea Alton*, Tim Intravia*, and Scott Klavan*

Some are People by Kathleen Warnock, directed by Mark Finley

With Brett Douglas*, Janice Mann, Karen Stanion

One of the Great Ones by Chris Widney, directed by Jonathan Warman

With Jane Altman*, Marc Castle*

* Appeared courtesy of AEA.

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